I Am Forgiving – EFT



When you harbour resentment for another you are often plagued with negative thoughts and feelings which can easily become toxic for our body and mind. And even if you recognise the negative impact these thoughts and feelings are having, the act of forgiveness itself can sometimes feel like a bridge too far.Often it can feel like your letting someone off the hook for what they have done to you or you may even feel like you are betraying someone dear to you if the wrong has been suffered by them.

Whatever the difficulties you may be experiencing in finding forgiveness, having an intention to no longer carry this burden in life, is necessary and enough, to begin a process that seeks to release this weight you are carrying. During the first part of the meditation you will affirm your intention to let go of your pain and in the second part you will affirm the establishment of an internal space that is free of pain and resentment.

As always, I wish for you peace on your journey with EFT. Paul