I Am Good- EFT



There are many reasons why you may find it difficult to recognise your goodness. Perhaps the feeling that you are a bad person was unjustly given to you early in your life or maybe a self-judgement you hold towards yourself, regarding something you have done, prevents you from seeing the innate goodness you possess inside.

Either way, the effect of this negative self-judgement will strongly hamper any attempt you make to find peace and fulfilment in your life. Judging yourself to be a bad person goes against the truth of who you are and creates an internal division within yourself, having the potential to play out as anxiety and/or depression. Also, the fact that you struggle to see your own goodness, can limit your ability to recognise the goodness in others and thus negatively affect the nature of your interpersonal relationships. In this simple but profound meditation you will begin by stating your intention to recognise the goodness you possess inside. You will then follow this up by affirming the truth of who you are, that you are an expression of unconditional love that is drawn to create and connect with other expressions of unconditional love.

As always, I wish for you peace on your journey with EFT. Paul