I Am Grateful – EFT



Throughout history the vast majority of what is commonly referred to as `enlightened individuals`, proclaim that one of the primary aspects of a living a life of fulfilment, is the deep sense of gratitude and awe that permeates from within such a state of being.
To promote this inner state within yourself is a fantastic way of using one of the highest forms of light and energy that life has to offer, an energy which has a real potential to alter your perception of life in a positive way.

As a life of gratitude represents the opposite of a life of victimisation, there really is the potential of pro-actively altering any internal belief structure that would hold you in a state of dis-empowerment. In the first part of the meditation you will recognise your part in creating your life and your intention to be thankful for it. In the second part you will affirm the gratitude you hold for the love in your life and your wish for all people to share in this joy.

As always, I wish for you peace on your journey with EFT. Paul