I Am Healthy – EFT



Maintaining a positive mind-set towards our health and wellbeing can often be difficult, especially in a world where there seems to be a constant threat to the health of our bodies.
Reducing the level of worry we have about our health is important as having consistently high levels of anxiety present in the body and mind has itself the potential to make us ill.
If you think in terms of, “you are what you eat” and expand a little on this by applying the same principle to “you are affected emotionally and psychologically by what you think and speak”, then hopefully you can start to appreciate the importance of ensuring that, what you think and speak, is influencing your health and wellbeing in a positive way.
In this meditation you will pro-actively engage with a narrative that positively proclaims the health and wellbeing of your body and mind. Simply put, positive thoughts & positive language = healthy mind & healthy body.

As always, I wish for you peace on your journey with EFT. Paul