I Am Love – EFT



During this meditation you will focus on affirming the innate truth of who you are.

So far in all the previous meditations you have focused your efforts on releasing the negative conditioning you have picked up over the course of your life.

Now, as you strip away these layers of negative influence upon how you instinctively perceive yourself and others, you will inevitably begin to expose the core truth of who you are, an expression of unconditional love which instinctively seeks to connect with other expressions of unconditional love.

When void of any negative influence, this is your true nature and the nature of all people, you only need to be in the company of any newborn baby to confirm this. You too began life in a state of unrealised, unconditional loving potential and the longing to fulfil this potential:-

Has been your search, has been your sadness, has been your emptiness, has been your pain and was who you were.

  • Now that your safe, your can calm your mind and live from your heart.
  • Now that you trust, you can be vulnerable and open your heart
  • Now you know your worth, you can accept unconditional love into your heart
  • This is your joy, this is your fulfilment, this is your purpose, this is who you are.

During the first part of the meditation you will voice 8 statements of fact that confirm your openness to the act of giving and receiving love.

When engaging with this first part it will help for you to nurture a knowing in your heart that in life you always receive that which you freely give to another. So to receive your hearts desire, and truly love is your hearts desire, you need to grow your intention to extend your loving nature to all people.

In the second part of the meditation you will now strengthen your relationship with your intention to give and receive love.

You will do this by stating 8 statements that affirm your gratitude for experiencing feelings of unconditional love for yourself and others.

Gratitude? Because gratitude is the brightest light we can engage with, alongside awe and wonder it is a journey’s end, an end where the truth of who you are resides.

I wish for you every success in fully activating your heart centre and establishing it as the primary means in how you interact with the people you meet.

As always, I wish for you peace on your journey with EFT. Paul