I Am Releasing Anxiety- EFT



There are a multitude of reasons why you may be experiencing feelings of anxiety, just as there are a multitude of reasons why you should take steps to reduce these thoughts and feelings in the mind and body, but what is consistent regarding the nature of anxiety, is the effect it has upon our ability to engage with the limitless possibilities that life has to offer. The reason for this is because anxiety is about surviving, not thriving. A lot of the decisions you will make are based upon whether the outcome of these decisions could lead to an escalation of your anxiety. “I’ll not go, there will be too many people there and I`ll feel overwhelmed”, “I won`t apply for that job because it involves speaking in front of groups”, “I would love to go to that night class but I`m just too nervous “Endless possibilities, all missed because of a feeling that feels out of control. But if truth is told there is an endless amount of people who have overcome these feelings in their lives and you are no different than they are. You have the same potential to alter and change how these feelings influence your experience.

In engaging with this meditation you are making a choice to be pro-active in dealing with your feelings of anxiety.
You are choosing a new relationship with your anxiety. A relationship where `you` choose to manage your anxiety in an empowering way that is about, your intention, your choices and your control and not about curtailing your life to suit specific feelings.

As always, I wish for you peace on your journey with EFT. Paul