I Am Safe- EFT



For 100`s of years it has been accepted that “safety” when growing up plays a pivotal role in the development of the growing mind.

This stems from the understanding that the developing mind is continually assessing and learning from its environment and right from the beginning a prominent consideration for the mind, is the need to keep us safe.

If the mind perceives our environment as being unsafe it will lead to the stimulation of an area within the mind called the amygdala. This is the part of our mind which deals with risk and danger and when the amygdala interprets our environment as being unsafe it activates a state of alert within the body and mind which readys us to respond to the perceived threat. Sights, sounds and smells will often be logged at this stage as indicators of the impending danger.

Certain difficulties can also arise if this state of alertness maintains for a prolonged period of time and the mind establishes this as our normal reality, leaving the body and mind in a constant state of alertness for any sign of perceived danger.

This can produce symptoms of fear, anxiety, a constant mental alertness, a reduced capacity for concentration, stress related illness and mental exhaustion which are just some of the negative effects that can stem from living with an over-active threat perception running within the body and mind.

Also add to the mix that when we are instinctively programmed to constantly assess life for danger we become primarily focused on the negative aspect of life experience and in doing this we can create a perception of life that fails to fully experience the good because we`re to busy worrying, watching for and expecting the bad.

So taking this proactive step to calm your conscious or unconscious state of alertness can have an extremely positive effect on your physical and mental wellbeing. Whether this endeavour is addressing the effects of a prolonged period of feeling unsafe growing up or a single event which has left a negative imprint upon your belief structure, the intention remains the same, to establish a sense of inner safety which will calm the body and mind and thus create the space needed for positive change to happen.

In the first 8 affirmations of the “i am safe” meditation you will voice 8 statements of fact that would emanate from an experience of having all your safety needs met. Following on from this, in the second part of the meditation you will voice 8 statements of fact that now describe you’re here and now reality as a result of experiencing complete safety.

I wish for you every success in your endeavour to restore within yourself a sense of inner peace. This afterall is your birthright as it represents your natural state of being. You really did come into this world full of wondrous potential and if fear is in any way blocking the realisation of this potential, please understand that what you are experiencing was learned and what was once learned can be re-learned. Never cease in your endeavour to unearth who you truly are and please be assured that when you do strip away all the negative conditioning you have picked in life and uncover the truth of who you are, you will not be disappointed.

As always, I wish for you peace on your journey with EFT. Paul