Self-Worth Affirmation – EFT



Influenced by our environment and the people within it we establish our personal sense of value and worth at an early stage of our psychological development. An experience growing up of unconditional love and acceptance will cultivate a healthy sense of self-worth while the opposite can be true of an unsupportive environment growing up. Self-worth has a big role to play in how we experience relationships as the vast majority of people will take your lead in how they relate to you. This basically means the value you hold for yourself will be mirrored in the relationships you have. I know at times this may be difficult to accept for some people, taking responsibility for how others generally relate to us can be difficult to bear, but the truth is, to accept this as your truth means that the quality of our relationships is in our own hands and for one will always embrace having control of my interpersonal experience.

My Self-Worth Affirmation Meditation brings you to a place of validation and acceptance. During this meditation, you will introduce your body and mind to the affirming qualities of unconditional love and the unquestionable value your thoughts and words have for the people that surround you, just as it should be!!!

As always, I wish for you peace on your journey with EFT. Paul